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Update to Veronica De Fazio Live review THANK YOU VERONICA!!

It’s a Doo Da Day!doodadayweb-300x270
November 14, 2016 Veronica Librarians, Parents, Teachers, Uncategorized
doodadaywebLast week we had the great privilege of hosting Wendy & DB at our library. Back in August I reviewed their album It’s a Doo Da Day for School Library Journal. The album had great empowering messages about being yourself and owning your feelings while at the same time being a lot of fun. At the time, I thought it would be a perfect album for family or classroom listening but didn’t clearly see how to use it in storytime. Then, I saw Wendy & DB perform.

Wow! That’s all I can say. Just wow! Their 45-minute performance was filled with such energy and excitement. Every song had an interactive component, most of which had the kids up and moving. The title track, “It’s a Doo Da Day” has a catchy chorus and wraps around the classic children’s tune, “You Are My Sunshine” making it the perfect way to start the show. Once everyone was warmed up, it was full speed ahead with rocking songs like “I Love My Body” and “Pink Flamingo,” where each child was given a pink sock to use as a flamingo, then invited to act out all of the things that the flamingo does in the song. Things slowed down in the gentle “It’s Ok Being You,” which teaches children that if they are feeling blue or green or red, it’s ok. As each verse introduced a new color, the children were given scarves that color to dance with, creating a delightful rainbow of movement.

All of the songs on It’s a Doo Da Day are a joy to listen to. Wendy & DB are working on their next album, and I for one, can’t wait. Get more information about the duo, as well as listen to a couple of the songs off their album here.

It’s a Doo Da Day – Review by Veronica De Fazio, Plainfield Public Library District, IL

Link to article here :

Performed by Wendy & DB. CD. approx. 40 min. Planet Wendy Publishing. 2015. $14.99.
PreS-Gr 3–Wendy Morgan and Darryl Boggs, or Wendy & DB, as they are known in the world of children’s music, return with a new album filled with 12 original songs. Things start off with the energetic celebration title song, “It’s a Doo Da Day” combined with the classic “You Are My Sunshine,” setting the tone for the wonderful mix of songs that get you up and moving and those songs that are a little quieter and more introspective. Woven throughout are the themes of acceptance and empowerment, often with the message that you are great just the way you are and it’s okay to feel the things you feel whether it’s curiosity, anger, sadness, or joy. While the lyrics send an important message, they are never didactic. Sung by Wendy and DB sometimes as solo voices and other times as duets, and laid over melodies that feature instruments such as fiddles and banjos, each song is fun to listen to and invites you to sing along. VERDICT Most of the songs are long enough for teachers to use in the classroom but short enough for children and families to enjoy. A welcome addition to every collection.–

Parents’ Choice Review of Award winning
“It’s A Doo Da Day” CD.

Read all about it here.

Review from MrJeff2000
One dad’s music and miscellaneous blog.
Friday, September 11, 2015

Link to article here.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Preschool – Gr 2
“Curiosity” may have killed the cat, but it is essential for children to learn, as they ask questions about everything, in this song on Wendy and DB’s new album. This lively and upbeat album features bluegrass, blues, folk, rock, calypso, and easy listening musical styles. Vocal performances are excellent with lovely harmonies on several songs. Wendy, DB, and several other musicians make beautiful music on guitar, piano, organ, bass, mandolin, banjo, percussion, djembe, kete, and conga. The opening song expertly combines Wendy’s “It’s a Doo Da Day” with “You Are My Sunshine.” The other songs include “It’s OK Being You,” “Pink Flamingo,” “Walla Walla Tree,” “I Love My Body,” “Johnny Cash Cooking Song” (baking cookies), “Beautiful Day,” “One Shoe,” “Little Engine” (little engine that could), and “Shine a Light” (with an accompanying student chorus). This is a great album that the whole family will enjoy.

“Wendy and DB were terrific at our library! Their enthusiastic style and friendly voices had the kids jumping up and down and enjoying themselves immensely. Parents and kids were all smiles at the end of the program.”  – Laurel Shapiro, Youth Services Event Coordinator, Vernon Area Public Library

“You do such a wonderful job of getting the children and caretakers to participate… everyone was comfortable jumping right in to sing, dance and play instruments. Any venue would be lucky to have you!”  – Keren Yoshi, Wilmette Library

“Pure Fun!”  – Wilmette Beacon

“Wendy & DB are fun for the whole family. My kids can sing and dance along to ‘Pocket’s Seasons Rhymes & Reasons’ from beginning to end. And as a mom, I love that Wendy & DB’s songs have such a strong, positive message!”  – Kate Morrone, parent

“Wendy & DB’s “Pocket’s Seasons Rhymes & Reasons” is “a collection of upbeat originals… chock full of positivity.”  – Jeff Cohen, blogger for MrJeff2000

“Wendy’s music has such a positive impact on my twin toddler boys!”  – Sheri Styles, parent

“Wendy and DB provided a fun, engaging, and educational concert experience for the families in attendance. Children enjoyed participating in a variety of activities that encouraged creativity and movement.”  – Allison Bies, KidsZone Program Coordinator, Schaumburg Township District Library

“We had such a great response to the show! Wendy, DB & Dennis were an absolute delight. It was so wonderful to see how they incorporated participation in every song.” – Anne Luzeniecki, Youth Services Program Librarian, Helen Plum Library

Wendy & DB’s “Pocket’s Seasons Rhymes & Reasons” is “a collection of upbeat originals… chock full of positivity.” Full Article
– Jeff Cohen, blogger for MrJeff2000